Bulk honey sales

Visit The Honey Store. Also, A Limited Supply of Gallons. Partnering with ForestPlanet. We are happy to announce that with the help of our customers we've planted over trees!

Thanks so much! As awareness increases, we will continue…. Having collected Fresh Bee Pollen for the past 35 years, we for the first time have run out of Fresh Bee Pollen collected during the Harvest of Our bees have overwintered, should this still bee a politically correct term, well and are building up nicely; in fact, their population increase is ahead of schedule.

We will delay trapping Fresh Bee Pollen until our bees early nutritional needs have been met, and at this time, we anticipate beeing able to start harvesting Fresh Bee Pollen mid-April.

Should you find no Fresh Bee Pollen in your freezer, you may consider upping your intake of our Totally Raw Honey, especially if you have a need to combat seasonal allergies. We have been marketing every imaginable, some unimaginable products originating within a colony of honey bees since the inception of Swarmbustin' Honey. Inwe beegan supplying local bees to those in need. We started selling Nucs to strengthen the weakening gene pool of Honey Bees in our region. Bees with a less than fair chance of survival!

Equipment requiring re-upping the following year! OR NOT. Losing over million acres of pollinator habitat in the United States in the last two decades to agri-business, land development, and the increasing wastelands of sterile lawns, has clearly had resultant effects upon our Honey Bee's Health.

Extracting Honey from Honeycomb using a Honey Paw - The Bush Bee Man

It's time for some audacious thinking about the future of beekeeping". Learn more Sorry for the inconvenience.Since the production of glass is commonly done by two methods — glass blowing and float glass; the glass blowing method is used for manufacturing honey jars. Firstly, the design of the jars is done scientifically based on the requirement. The shape of the glass plays an important role in deciding the characteristics of the product stored in it.

For example, if the candle jars are not carefully designed, the aroma of the candle wax may not completely diffuse into the air around. After designing the jar, a three-dimensional image is modeled on the computer using various software. Necessary changes are made after the consent of the clients.

Then, a prototype is made by hand. A blower is used to maintain the right pressure and supply of air. After the glass is blown in, it sets in about 20 seconds. Then, after slightly warming the mould, another round of glass addition is done. If required, another round of glass addition may be done. After this, it is pressed, and the base is made. If this design is approved by the in-house quality control department, it is sent to the client for approval.

After the feedback from the client is received, the necessary steps are taken to modify the design. If it is completely approved, it is sent for mass production. In the factory, a huge mechanized system is put in place to manufacture large numbers of these jars.

The main raw material in the manufacture of glass products is sand. Soda is used to lower the melting point of glass, which is otherwise around degrees Celsius.

Bulk Honey Sales

Lime is also added to help stabilize the mixture. To improve the durability and toughness of glass, aluminum and titanium may be added. This slurry is fed into the melting furnace that operates at about degrees Celsius.This flower produces a brilliant honey called Meadow Foam that boasts a warm distinctive aroma of vanilla, and the taste of toasted marshmallows.

This combination is sure to tantalize the taste buds of all who eat it. Its unique flavor is a great compliment as a spread on toast or a topping on your favorite ice cream. This blend is spicy and another great partner for BBQ and cooking. A blend of wildflower honey with cinnamon. The blend has been perfected for a great taste every time. Pollen is the fertilizing dust of flowers.

Bees gather and bring it back to their hives for food. Bee Pollen is readily digestible and easily absorbed by the human body. Net Weight 7. A large slice of our delicious comb honey submerged in our liquid honey and placed in 16oz glass jars. Temecula Valley Honey Company was created in to satisfy a need for high quality local honey.

It has always been our goal to concentrate on the highest quality techniques for packing and bottling to ensure our customers receive a consistent and natural raw product every time. Local honey for sale. We are a wholesale distributor of hand-packed all natural honey to vendors, farms, ranches, farmers markets, grocers and restaurants throughout Southern California.

We sell Temecula honey, and honey from other Southern California sources. Larger bulk sizes and custom bottling options available. Contact sales for detailed information and pricing:. Skip to content Sales Operations temeculahoney gmail.

Local California Honey for Sale. Our own unique blend of our in-house honeys. Select options. Cute gift bag with 3 Flavors of your choice for your Valentine. Local raw honey — wildflower blossoms. Add to cart. Local Honey in Pails Larger bulk sizes and custom bottling options available. Local Honey Wedding Favors Available in multiple sizes and honey varieties.

Local Honey Gift Crates Hand crafted gift crate that comes in 3 sizes. Pick your favorite flavors and create the perfect treat for family and friends.Amish Honey was born from our love of honey, pure, unadulterated honey. We are a New York based company dedicated to producing the highest quality and putting an end to our customers search for pure honey. The newly introduced Almonds with honey by Amish Honey is a blend of pure natural honey and Almonds Our Buckwheat Hon.

Our Clover Honey unp. Pinenuts with HoneyPine nuts are seeds of pine that can be eaten. Adding honey makes it sweetened an. Hazelnuts with HoneyHazelnut is also known as filbernut or cobnut, and is derived from the Hazel and.

Dried Turmeric with HoneyDried Turmeric is a very beneficial spice, and when mixed with honey it mak. Our Golden Honey unp. Walnuts with HoneyWalnut is a highly nutritious and medicinal nut that is very rich in potassium whi. The flavor of honey is determined by the nectar of the blossom or flower that the honey bee visited, we do not add anything to impart the uniqueness of the flavor. Varieties we provide include the Acacia honey, Almond blossom honey, Alfalfa honey, Blueberry honey, Buckwheat honey, Clover honey, Japanese bamboo honey, Knapweed honey, Linden honey, Mountain honey, Meadow honey, Sage Honey, chunks of Honeycomb and other bee products as well.

I love honey. I tried different varieties of honey, different production. They have pure and high-quality The taste is natural I am a real honey lover. I tend to add honey to almost every meal and Amish Honey is my number choice!

bulk honey sales

I like all of their kinds including dried blueberries with Dried Blueberries with Honey has been a revelation for me, health-wise, helping me to combat anemia, which was the reason I started taking it. The product has a nostalgic smell and it The best service with the best product.


When I discovered Amishhoney I was not fond of honey at all. I just needed to buy something as a present for my mom. I love honey in honeycombs and in New York it is very difficult to find one. My friend advised me to Amishhoney and they surprisingly have my favorite honey in honeycombs.

The AmishHoney has a plenty tasty honey and honey related products. Everything has such a wonderful, fresh, and creamy taste.

Natural Raw Honey

My wife uses sage raw honey in I received my package from Amishhoney in time. I was pleased with the packaging, flavor, and quality of the honey. I add the peanuts with honey to almost everything that's how much Raw buckwheat honey is my favorite!

From all of the kinds that are out there, I always choose this one and only from Amish Honey store. The quality of the product is I wasn't disappointed when I purchased Amish honey and tried it.GlennCard yahoo. We have been pollinating blueberries in Maine and New Jersey for over 40 years.

Each year we send bees out to pollinate cape cod cranberries. If we are lucky they come back with a little honey that we specially extract to bring you this unique honey. Orange Blossom is one of the most recognized single source honeys in the world, with a distinct citrus flavor. This Great tasting honey from the Big Sky state. Montana is one of the top honey producing states year to year in the United States. One Hive bought out of the Sears and Roebuck catalog sparked the creation of this third Generation business.

Our goal is to provide people with honey true to the floral sources considered local to the market areas served without blending to achieve a price point.

We have the highest quality honey and wax in our gifts and favors. Check us out for you next event! Our beeswax is a valuable hive by product with countless uses. We offer all of our honey in Bulk Quantities. Some sizes include Free Shipping. We always have great deals. Check out our discounts page to make sure to take advantage of the savings.

Contact GlennCard yahoo. Authentic Raw. Raw Blueberry Honey. Raw Cranberry Honey. Raw Orange Blossom. Raw Clover Honey. Natural Raw Honey. Featured collection. Add to Cart. Raw Wildflower Honey 17 oz. Raw Blueberry Honey 17 oz. Raw Cranberry Honey 17 oz. I came across your honey during a local apple picking adventure.

I am not ashamed to say I am in love with the orange blossom honey! So much so, I just ordered more for the winter farm stands are closing now and decided to try the cranberry too.Pure Spring Honey.

bulk honey sales

Pale and delicate in flavor with a full body and nice finish. Ideal for sweetening tea. One gallon is 12 pounds or ounces. Full season light amber honey blend. Our own blend of spring honey with a splash of fall wildflower, this honey has nectar the bees have gathered from throughout the year. Well suited for baking. Amber Honey. The fall season offers to the bees a medley of floral sources including Asters, Goldenrod and Japanese Knotweed; from which this dark, rich and smoky honey is gathered.

Particularly good on pancakes. Dark amber Honey. This distinctive honey, with its robust and hearty flavor, comes from stands of pure buckwheat grain, a rarity in itself. A nice topping on sweet potatoes, winter squash or whisked into a stir-fry; also a garnish to your favorite dessert. One gallon is the same as 12 pounds is the same as ounces.

Five gallons is 60 pounds. Search site: Submit Search. Nav Menu 2. Golden Nectar Honey - 12 lb. Fall Wildflower Honey - 12 lb. Golden Nectar Honey - 5 Gallon 60 lb. Fall Wildflower Honey - 5 Gallon 60 lb.Tupelo trees thrive along the rivers and creeks of the Florida panhandle and have delicate fragrant blossoms that can produce wonderful honey crops.

The Florida Tupelo flower is very delicate and blooms for only a very short time every year. Our beekeepers go through great lengths to keep our Florida tupelo honey pure by taking all the honey boxes off the hives, and putting on clean empty beewax combs right as the first tupelo flowers bloom.

After about two weeks of bloom, we go out and take the honey boxes off the hives and spin it out to get the rare tupelo honey. The Tupelo blossoms have very delicate little pistols that secrete the nectar.

A strong wind or hard rain can rip the blossoms from the trees. The blooming period generally starts about the 20th of April every year and lasts about 3 weeks. The honeybees are very eager to visit the blossoms, as the nectar can be quite abundant in good years.

The best Tupelo honey producing region in the world is the Florida panhandle along the Appalachicola, Chipola, and Choctahatchie River systems of creeks and backwaters. Real Tupelo honey is a light golden amber color with a greenish cast. The flavor is quite delicious, buttery and distinctive; a choice honey. Good tupelo, unmixed with other honeys, will not granulate. Some diabetic patients have been permitted by their physicians to eat Tupelo honey.

To make the best Tupelo honey, the beekeeper has to remove any honeycombs of honey off the hives from other nectar sources such as highbush Gallberry or Ti Ti. Then the beekeeper must place on new boxes of empty combs so the incoming nectar will be kept separate from other honeys. We spin out all the honey collected in Florida with this stainless steel automatic honey extracting line made by Cowen manufacturing. All the honey is stored in 55 gallon drums until it is put into bottles.

We have a bee farm in the Vernon, Florida area where we send the bees to be distributed throughout the Florida panhandle every winter. Our skilled beekeepers start to prepare the honeybees on the winter solstice by giving them supplemental feed and pollen patties to stimulate the queen bees to start raising young bees brood to build up large colonies to make new hives for making Tupelo. We raise our own queen bees from special breeding stock picked for desirable characteristics such as prolific nectar gathering, gentleness, and disease resistance.

bulk honey sales

We have Tupelo Honey in sizes from 16oz jars to lbs. I recently became introduced to Tupelo honey. I ordered from several companies and this one is the best tasting to me. You can almost taste the Tupelo bloom. Love this stuff!

O my goodness!!