Kawasaki prairie 360 transmission problems

Registration is fast and you can even login with social network accounts to sync your profiles and content. I have a 09 prairie it's like brand new I only use it for work around the house and plowing.

I drain the carb after every time I ride it, it's not a carb issue. When I go full throttle it feels like a rev limiter is kicking in, just like when I go in reverse without the override. I asked the dealer and they told me it to do a belt reset and check the belt. I did the belt reset and the belt is fine. At one point it went away for a couple of months and then it came back. The dealer said it might some kind of a sensor for the belt. Any ideas. I have not done that yet.

So if I have continuity between the two leads the switch is good, and if I don't have continuity is the switch bad? Do you check it with the key on or off? Maybe this will help if it does please let me know. I had a customer bring me 7 KAWI s. I would not advise removing the top of your carb.

See if vaccum piston is moving up and down. If its not then remove the top and inspect the rubber part of the vaccum piston for holes in it. Spring is made of wire small wire gauge if you ask me. I dont think draining a carb is a good idea for storage. You wud not empty a milk jug, leave it out for a few days, put milk back in it and drink it wud you? Gas thats in carb after draining is spoiling faster than it wud if you did not do anything.

Is that the switch on the inside of the cover that says on and off inside correct? Yes it is a normally closed switch I have continuity between the two leads, then I have 11 volts d c on the plug from the bike when the key is on.

The dealer said it is a sensor that is telling the quad that the belt is worn or no good, and it is cutting the quad out. Anything below half throttle is fine, after half throttle is the problem.

Kawasaki PRAIRIE 360 Service Manual

The dealer said it is one of two sensors but they also said its crazy to change both of them because they are very expensive.

I have a video of what it's doing but I am new to these forums and don't know how to post it, if someone can walk me through posting it I would appreciate it or I can email it to you. I did that and when I try to upload it it says invalid file. I made the video with my ipad I don't know if it matters? I don't know it's not letting me upload it to youtube either.The Prairie 4x4 has been in the Kawasaki lineup for many years. In that time, it has received occasional upgrades, but it has never strayed from its original role as an easy to ride, cost effective ATV.

Although the engine is air cooled, an auxiliary oil cooler is located under the front plastic. Transmission clutch engagement is good and is well matched to engine power, and there is even a light on the center display that indicates when you need a belt check or possible replacement. We expect this to be a rare occurrence, unless you spend a lot of time pulling very heavy loads, or you constantly get the belt wet in deep water.

Maintenance tasks are easy enough on the Prairie: change the oil on a regular basis, replace the spin on oil filter at the front of the engine, and keep the air filter clean. There is even an easy to access oil dip stick located on the left side of the engine!

2006 Kawasaki Prairie 360

The engine of the Prairie 4x4 is not the only feature designed for easy maintenance, though. The shaft drive system, cast aluminum swingarm, and rear oil bath brakes were designed to be care free as well.

At the rear of the Prairie 4x4 is an aluminum swingarm that not only carries the rear drive shaft, but encloses the oil bath brake system too. The advantage of the oil bath brake system is that it is completely sealed from water, dirt, and dust. We can practically guarantee you will never wear it out. We never have! Suspension at the rear consists of a preload adjustable single shock with 7.

Front suspension duties are handled by supple, yet sturdy MacPherson struts with 6. Consider yourself well protected! The chassis of the Prairie is a double cradle, steel tubing design that has proven to be very durable over time. Comfort is a big factor for many Prairie 4x4 buyers. Whether on landscape duty around the yard or on the way to the deer stand, they need their ATV to fit them, and to be easy to use. Kawasaki engineers did a great job in this area on the Prairie 4x4.

We found that the controls on the Prairie are well placed and easy to understand. The more you pull, the more power is applied! As with its big brothers in the Brute Force lineup, 4wd is engaged with a thumb switch. Fuel level is monitored by an old-school fuel gauge mounted just behind the cap, found in the traditional position between your knees. No doubt, styling on the Prairie is dated and even looks as if there is a piece missing on the front end below the racks.

However, the Prairie does fit well and gets the job done, true to its workmanlike role. Comfort is further enhanced on the vehicle with a seat that is large, wide, and plush. In addition, serrated, adjustable footpegs mounted just above a sturdy floorboard keep your feet securely anchored while the fenders do a good job of providing splash protection.

The Prairie is designed for more than comfort, though. Utility ATVs are modern day pack mules, and a big part of that is the ability to carry a load on the racks.

The sturdy, steel racks on the Prairie 4x4 are rated for 88 pounds on the front and pounds on the rear. For towing the pounds it is designed to pull, a hitch is mounted to the rear of the swing arm. Through the years, the Prairie has evolved, and today the Prairie 4x4 is equipped with everything it needs to handle most chores around the farm or yard.Back inKawasaki introduced their cc Prairie to the public.

After the first test, we were very pleased with the capabilities of this mid-sized Ute. It featured a torquey motor with a smooth ride and 4X4 with differential lock capabilities.

In fact, they have made changes only to the cosmetics over the years. The Prairie is powered by a cc, SOHC air-cooled, two-valve four-stroke engine with a shaft-drive system that drives two or four wheels.

The Prairie is brought to life by the push of an electric start button. The is also equipped with a backup recoil starter.

kawasaki prairie 360 transmission problems

Thanks to an automatic compression release in the engine, it pull starts just as easily. The Prairie is put in motion by an automatic CVT transmission. This transmission has been running strong for years without an issue. The gear selection is simple and should not cause confusion. The selector is located on the right side of the front plastic, out of the way. The Prairie has a snappy throttle response and the belt in the CVT grabs traction almost as quickly without any noticeable lag.

It is definitely not a hair-raising machine like the V-twins, but the has good acceleration for a two-valve motor. It quickly tops out at 45mph, which is right on par with the other mid-sized Utes. What the Prairie was lacking in top speed, it made up for in low and mid range torque. Our test area consisted of some very steep and rocky terrain, and the little Prairie pulled up all of it just fine.

We never needed low gear, but it is great for riding through mud. The shifter stayed in high the rest of time. Stick the Prairie in 2WD, and you can whip around corners with ease!

Kawasaki PRAIRIE 360 4×4 Service Manual

A preload adjustable single shock and swingarm travels an even seven inches in the rear. Suspension on the Prairie is good all around. As fast as you wanted to ride, the suspension had no problems soaking up trail obstacles to a point. When we decided to slow down, the ride comfort was still just right. On steep, loose and slippery rocks, the differential lock was once again put into service for added traction.

However, other than in severe situations, we rarely used it. Riding in two or four wheel drive was enjoyable and there is virtually no feedback in 4WD mode. If you do decide to use the diff lock, the steering does become more difficult but not uncontrollable. We found that we could plow harder through loose rock with the diff lock lever slightly pulled in.

This would keep the bars from wandering around and jerking upon any hard impact. The tires provided a good amount of traction in slick and loose terrain. To slow the machine down, a light step on the rear brake pedal would do the trick. We repeatedly climbed several long steep hills during our testing and never had the brakes fade or lose strength on the way down.

Left The front suspension is by McPherson strut with 6. Right A fuel gauge is located just below the gas cap on the tank.Forums New posts. What's new New posts. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. Forums Forums labusas. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Kawasaki Prairie quad problem. Thread starter Buelldozer Start date Sep 30, No, not mine. It's my brother in laws and it has the cvt transmission. What's happening is that the 4x4 light is flashing, it's hard to shift into gear, and even in the neutral position the quad acts like it's still in gear, it's also running like crap. It was fine the last time he had it out two weeks ago but today it started all of this as soon as he got it out of the shed. My guess is that he got mud or rocks up into the shift linkage the last time he had it out and now the linkage is either bent or semi-frozen in place.

Any other opinions?

The simple and quick way to reset a flashing belt light on a Kawasaki ATV

Joined Aug 16, Messages 2. Low battery. Sayre po no mo. Cliff, I've got a Prarie service manual here in front of me. It's been almost 5 years since I've seen this problem, but your post rung some bells and I quickly found what I think is the problem. I also think Kawasaki sent out a technical service bulletin on this when I was a tech at a dealer, and I dealt with it on a few bikes. Actully, the problem could be several.

Or the belt could need replacing. PM me your phone s and I'll call as soon as I get a chance. It'd be easier to explain over the phone than typing this shit out here. I'll see if I can scan the pages in and post them somehow.

Hey po boy I can send you a copy also if you want it that way. I've got the paper copy, but having it on my 'puter would be cool. I was making the second scan and everything went haywire. I'm on the next hill at my neighbors house now.

Cliff, the PDF file will tell you what you need to know, starting on page in the manual. I'm going to PM you my numbers.

kawasaki prairie 360 transmission problems

Call if you want me to help walk you thru the problem Thanks for the offer. Joined Oct 27, Messages 51, Location Out in the field. The blinking light usually tells you it time for a belt. Some of them, have a funky little switch in the belt housing that has to be reset.Power for the Prairie ATV comes from an air-cooled, single cylinder, four-stroke engine displacing cc.

With high and low forward gears plus reverse, the CVT enables the engine to operate in its optimal rpm range, giving the rider maximum torque regardless of speed or riding conditions. For additional stopping power, the Prairie features the Kawasaki Engine Brake Control, which uses engine compression to help slow the ATV in technical maneuvers such as crawling at low speeds over rocks or descending steep downgrades.

The Prairie rides on supple MacPherson strut front suspension with 6. It also features a large, comfortable saddle and full-sized floor boards with adjustable footpegs for maximum comfort. Plus, steel front and rear cargo racks can carry a combined weight of pounds. Other conveniences include powerful dual halogen headlights, and a hitch bracket is standard, so the rider can tow 1, pounds-the highest towing capacity in its class.

Cyril Demortier. Read More.

kawasaki prairie 360 transmission problems

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View in: Desktop. Home Forums Recruiting Pick'em LSU Football Schedule. Sign In Register. Outdoor Board. Kawasaki Prairie 4x4- any thoughts on these? I'm considering getting a new used 4 wheeler this year- found a Prairie that's close to me- owner claims hardly used, bike appears to be all stock which is a must for meand was adult owned.

Looks like a deer lease bike. We've negotiated via email to a price that's pretty close to agreeable. Any bad experiences with these? I ride a Kawasaki dirt bike, so I'm a bit of a fanboy. Was actually looking for a similar vintage Rancher but this came along. Any cons to the deal? Replies 4. Options Top. A guy that hunts with us has one. He seems to like it, but hasn't had it very long. I know a few people with kawasakis and the only ones that every have problems are the ones with brute forces, and I'm pretty sure it's operator caused.

Replies 1. I started in High School with a Bayou I'm pretty sure this is the same engine. My experience has been that Kawasaki stuff is bulletproof, but they sure don't get the love that Honda and Yamaha get. The outfitter I hunted with in Saskatchewan only used Kawasaki 4 wheelers for what it is worth.

They said it was the only brand that would consistently start in the cold and the frame was narrow enough that they didn't have cut new roads through the forest to get to the stands I have no idea if that is actually true compared to other brands, but it was thick forest and I could see where that would be a huge plus. Replies 0. Their engines are very good.

The only problems I ever personally hear about is people breaking shite like axles, and you can't blame that on the bike when you put tires big enough for a log skidder on it. My brother has theand a couple of my neighbors have the 's.

Kawasaki KVF360 Prairie ATV Online Service Manual

They seen like very solid bikes to me. They feel different when you're used to riding Yamaha's and Honda's. I'm not really sure how different though. I'm a honda owner and fanboy, but all i've heard over the years, especially regarding the lil Kawi Bayou bikes was "bulletproof". If it's been well kept and not abused, you should be in good shape man. I agree, wouldn't buy one that's not stock. Replies 2.