Madden 20 best playbooks reddit

Madden NFL 20 has a new game mode designed for short bursts of gridiron action. Superstar KO shrinks the playbooks, gives you access to elite players from around the league, and lets you compete online in matches that last less than ten minutes. Superstar KO is an online only game mode.

You can play 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3. If you choose 2v2 or 3v3, you can play cooperatively with a friend or two, just like how you would in a normal online match.

After choosing your format, you pick a team.

madden 20 best playbooks reddit

Superstar KO has eight teams more on this latereach with a different coach and playbook. Sometimes two offensive groups and one defensive group, sometimes the other way around. You choose one player from each group. Superstar KO uses modified overtime rules. Each possession starts on the yard line. When on offense, the goal is to score a touchdown and convert the two-point conversion.

You cannot kick a field goal. After your drive, your opponent gets a turn from their yard line. One possession per player.

If a game ends in a draw, you compete in a Tug-of-War starting at the yard line, alternating offensive plays to see who can advance the ball the furthest or score. Each team gets three offensive plays in a Tug-of-War. The eight fantasy teams in Superstar KO each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Not necessarily when it comes to players, but when it comes to the plays themselves. Each category β€” pass offense, rush offense, pass defense, and rush defense β€” is graded one to five. These grades are more about play selections, not necessarily skills. If you are excellent on offense, pick a defensive-oriented playbook. Playing offense in Madden is always easier than playing defense, so the average Madden player will likely want to pick a playbook that has at least an above average set of defensive plays for both rushing and passing situations.

Superstar KO is still 11v11 football. You get to pick three Superstar X-Factor players from the jump, though. The rest of your team will be filled out with average NFL players. All of the players are Superstar X-Factor players β€” one of the 50 elite players EA gave unique abilities to in Madden But not all Superstar X-Factors are on the same level. We saw Common through Ultra Rare in almost every batch, but Legendaries are hard to come by. Basically, the rarer the player, the more passive abilities they have.

One strategy is to pick the rarest player in each round and be done with it. However, an even better strategy is to pick players that align with your playbook β€” at least at first.

'Madden 20' ratings: Which NFL teams have the best defenses to use?

And if you have a passing heavy playbook, please pick some elite deep threats and a QB known to sling it. The same goes for defense. If you have a run defense-heavy playbook, draft the linemen or linebackers.

And if you have a pass defense-oriented playbook, pick cornerbacks or safeties. Otherwise, load up on your strengths once again. After four straight wins, you go back to the start menu to begin the process all over again. When on offense, you really do need to take care of the ball.In this Madden Guides breakdown, we take a look at all the Madden 20 Offensive and Defensive Schemes found in this years game. Below, we give a brief description of each Madden 20 Offensive scheme. There are a total of 8 of them.

A variant of the Spread Offensive scheme, the Air Raid gives the quarterback control of the play at the line of scrimmage. This offense focuses in on passing plays, but trusts the quarterback to diagnose the defense and call audibles when running lanes open. The Multiple Power Run uses traditional pulling linemen and lead blockers in the run game to grind through defenses. A quality Field General quarterback helps convert critical 3 rd and short situations.

The Multiple Run scheme is a balanced offense that is very difficult for a defense to predict. The team run out of multiple receiver sets and throw of power formations. The Vertical Power Run focuses on tempting the defense to load the box with extra defenders via a commitment to the power run game. It then punishes them down field with play action and short passes. The Vertical Zone Run uses agile offensive lineman to create multiple holes for the halfback to chose from.

It forces the defense into assignment conflicts by taking downfield shots via play action passing. The West Coast Power Run creates a weakness in the defense by stretching it out horizontally with short passing. The halfback then attacks those weaknesses for big gains. The West Coast Spread is designed to keep the defense guessing with a focus on short passing horizontally across the field. With the defense spread thin, the quarterback is looking for openings to scramble while reading his routes.

The West Coast Zone Run is designed to utilize short passing to keep the possession of the ball. In the run game, offensive linemen use quickness and combination blocks to spring the halfback through the gaps. The Base defense utilizes bigger defensive linemen to eat up blockers, allowing the four linebackers to attack from multiple angles. The excels at generating pressure with clever blitzes and is a solid defense against base running plays.

As offensive production is at an all time high, defenses need to be unpredictable to succeed. By disguising the defensive coverage, it draws strength from the flexibility of its symmetrical lineup. It shines with disguise concepts and multiple fronts. The Under adds even more flexibility with linebackers that line up on the defensive line. Using bigger linebackers, the defense looks to switch the roles play to play to keep the offense off balanced.

The defensive scheme is a defensive formation with 4 defensive linemen and 3 linebackers. This is ideal for generating a pass rush with minimal blitzing. It allows for defenders to drop into coverage.

These are the 20 best players in the NFL, according to 'Madden 20'

Quarters, also know as Cover 4, is a scheme that puts for defenders deep, but allows for opportunities to split the field in man and zone coverage. As such, Quarters is a good match against versatile offenses like the Spread. The Under defensive schemes allows for more flexibility that the base It can change from to a or a front. It requires solid fill in players at both the defensive line and linebacker positions to utilize its full potential. Good to see you back Kobra.

Always enjoyed your content and how you broke down things in actual football terms, scheme, etc.The arrival of Madden NFL 20 is just a few months away, as fans anticipate whether the newest title can top the edition.

madden 20 best playbooks reddit

When the game arrives, it will feature at least one trick play not seen before in the game. On one play before halftime, Foles asked head coach Doug Pederson if he wanted to go with the play. Pederson agreed with his quarterback. From there, the rest is history as Foles initially lined up as QB before moving to the side as he continued to call out signals. As seen in the YouTube highlight video above, Foles went from quarterback to receiver on that Philly Special. Soon after he shifted to the other position he ran a short route to the end zone.

Tight end Trey Burton became the QB and threw to Foles who scored an important touchdown for his team. White works extensively on the Madden playbooks and has been involved with the game since Madden So when teams bring in new coaches each season, White is the man tasked with making sure the Madden NFL game is close to what the team is using for plays.

Foles officially joined the Jacksonville Jaguars as a free agent to quarterback there. However, gamers can pre-order Madden 20 special editions to receive the game three days earlier.


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Older Posts.This page presents some tips for finding the right playbooks for your playstyle in Madden NFL Although your personal playstyle should always be the main aspect to consider when choosing your playbooks, there are enough differences in the two modes that it may change your approach. You can view the pages on Franchise Mode and Madden Ultimate Team for more details, but in short, your team and its composition changes much more quickly in MUT.

In Franchiseevery team's default playbook is based around the real-life philosophies and player ratings of that team. With MUT, it will default to your chosen favorite team, and that may or may not gel with the team you've drawn from cards. Simply put: it's much easier to change the players around in MUT because you can acquire new cards through the Auction House or Trading Block.

In a realistic Franchise Modeit's more difficult to acquire many new players at once because of the salary cap and roster limit. Therefore, you can more easily quickly build a MUT team around your personal playstyle than you can in Franchise.

In Franchise, you have to adjust to the playbook; in MUT, your playbook and team adjust to you. Even if you have no interest in playing Franchise Modeyou may want to enter a file anyway and go to the Schemes screen. To find it, navigate to Team, then My Coach, then the Schemes tile. On this screen, you can adjust your Franchise team's playbook. The important feature here though is that the game will give you a short description of the playbook and its overall philosophy. In Franchise Modeyou can change your playbook from this screen at any time.

If you're just looking to learn what each playbook does, you can cycle through the entire list and read the descriptions there. Note that you only have access to the 32 team playbooks on both offense and defense in Franchise Mode. In Madden Ultimate Teamthere are playbooks not attached to teams. The overall philosophy of a generic playbook will be seen at the bottom of the card. The highlighted card in the screenshot is a Cover 2 defense, which may or may not work with the rest of your team.

Rather than focus on a specific playbook, the Playbook Concepts are the driving force of what plays are available.

Madden NFL 20 Offensive Playbooks Guide

For players new to Madden NFL or just football in general, concepts may seem a little daunting at first. However, they are simply names to general philosophies on how a given play will be done. The absolute best place to learn what the concepts mean is to go into Skills Trainer.

To find it, head to Exhibition Mode on the main menu, then select the Skills Trainer tile. You'll need to select both an offense and a defense team, and it can be the same team. Once you're in the menu, the tiles can take you to various aspects of football strategy.

The tutorials will walk you through both learning the terminology and practicing the plays in a full-speed situation. It's highly advised to take advantage of the Skills Trainer to brush up on your knowledge or skills if you're planning on playing competitively.

Tips and and tricks to rack up knockouts in Madden NFL 20: Superstar KO

If you play Madden Ultimate Teamyou'll get some mid-tier cards for getting at least a bronze on the various drills in Skills Trainer, so you may even want to check it out if you're a Madden veteran. For example, due to both the real-life NFL and the Madden game engine being focused on passing, the playbooks that are focused primarily for it tend to have more options and consistent success.

Further, the distance of the passing philosophy greatly matters. If you have a quarterback who is terrible at throwing deep passes, then playbooks centered around deep passes won't help you very much. Every playbook has some options for all situations, but a playbook specifically designed for what you like will have more options to work with. Defense is tougher to play but generally comes down to how straightforward it is.

Playbooks focused on formations are less predictable but require better players to pull off consistently. Last Edited: 12 Nov pm.

madden 20 best playbooks reddit

Franchise or MUT? Franchise Playbook Descriptions [ edit ] Even if you have no interest in playing Franchise Modeyou may want to enter a file anyway and go to the Schemes screen.Albums Screenshots Videos. Communicate Friends Chalkboard. I've been playing around with playbooks, mostly testing out new HC playbooks. So far: Buffalo Bills: I used this playbook last year. It's quite different. This year, they don't contain much of the same plays i'm used to running like the Texas PB.

It's not as efficient like it was last year. Arizona Cardinals: Lots of WR motions which seems kinda glitchy because when they motion and run their routes, they always seem to be wide open. It's different, but not really my style of play. This PB is catered to a mobile QB with a big arm. Miami Dolphins: Catered to running. They have a lot of pass plays that sets up these runs. New England Patriots: My favorite this year.

It's a little different, but using this PB, you're going to pass and score a lot. There seems to be a lot more efficient running plays as well in this year's Patriots PB.

Also, the thing with PB this year, is it me or do you have to match up the scheme to the style of the PB? For instance, if you're running a PB that is catered to power run, you have to change your scheme to power run otherwise play selection will be different in Coach's Suggestion.

Edited: Found a website in case any of you want to check out playbooks without having to go through it via Madden. It's pretty well designed and structured. They're Madden 20 PB even tho the top says Madden 20 Playbooks. Last edited by prey2god; at AM. Advertisements - Register to remove. On offense OAK is pretty damn good this year. It's what I'll be using for at least the first month or two unless a patch radically alters the game. There's good defense in every book.

I never thought I would say this about a Madden game, but it's true. No matter what you pick you will get at least one base and one nickel formation that have all the stock coverage options available to you. I may have to dig into Oakland playbook. I been running with the Ravens playbook. Great smash mouth playbook. I am kind of a huge playbook junkie and have been doing a deep dive on them this year while I recreate my I-Bone book again.

The Ravens playbook is currently my favorite stock offense playbook. Very deep power run playbook with a lot of different Alerts and Bubbles. Quite nasty.Jump into the latest release of Maddenplay through the various game modes, before ending up in the wild frontier known as Head-to-Head online exhibition.

One argument could be that my record is a testament to my skill level. However, I would argue that my record is a direct reflection of my over usage of trick plays and trying to get cute while playing against other online competitors who probably take their online exhibition matches more serious than I do.

Trick plays have been around in Madden for forever. The halfback pass play has been around for a while, but has withstood the test of time. Other non-quarterback pass plays such as the WR Pass seem to have faded from every playbook, but your halfback can certainly get the job done when his number is called, assuming the defense provides you with a decent matchup.

A blitzing defense with the secondary dropping into soft coverage will allow your running back to connect on a perfectly thrown pass to the receiver crossing over the middle of the field. Nearly identical to the previously mentioned play, this formation needs to come with a warning. Every time I attempted to run the default play, my fullback would block the toss from the quarterback to the running back, effectively causing a fumble.

To prevent this, offset the fullback to the opposite side of the direction of the play, as seen in the video above. Pistol Doubles: Jet Touch Pass. Pistol Full Panther: Triple Option. Of all the option plays, Triple Options are the ones with the highest risk and highest reward.

If the Mike linebacker stays focused on the quarterback after hiking the ball, hand it off to the fullback who can hopefully power his way through an open hole up the middle, as seen in the first video above. Otherwise, pitch it to the running back who can take it to the outside and juke his way into the endzone, shown in the second video.

The Madden developers provided this perfectly by adding in the play shown in the first video aboveas well as a fake version that is essentially a direct snap run play second video. For the normal play, just be sure your quarterback is open before throwing to him. Similar to the Jet Sweep, the Reverse and Fake Reverse offers fun ways to get your receivers involved in the run game. The video above showcases the Fake Reverse working well against an inside safety blitz.

These plays to the outside will be swallowed up by any sort of outside or cornerback blitz, so be wary. The Touch Pass FK Jet is a sleight of hand play that will require opposing players to keep an eye on which player actually gets the ball.

The faster the running back, the better in this situation. Shotgun Split Shot: Shovel Option. Keep an eye out for any holes opening up in the offensive line. Once you see one forming, quickly toss the ball to your running back and let him work his magic after snaking his way through the crowd.

After hiking the ball, move your quarterback out of the pocket to the same side as the wheel route. Inch your way to the line of scrimmage, causing the coverage to creep up in anticipation of you taking off to run. Once that happens, your running back should be wide open enough to toss the ball up and over the defender into the hands of your player, hopefully for a touchdown.

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Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Guides Madden. Resident Evil 3: Herb Combination Guide.The NFL is now filled with a generation of players who grew up playing "Madden," and many players pay close attention to their score as a point of pride. The creators of "Madden NFL 20" said they want the game to feel more realistic this season, leading to lower ratings overall and larger skill gaps between superstars and average players.

The game's highest possible rating is a 99 overall, but only a select few players make it into the coveted "99 Club" each year. Only four players in "Madden NFL 20" earned a 99 overall rating, and three of them are defensive superstars.

That could change as the season progresses, since Madden offers weekly ratings adjustments during the course of the season based on player performance. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Kevin Webb. Every year, "Madden NFL" rates the skills of nearly 3, professional players based on more than 50 different attributes.

The creators of "Madden NFL 20" say they want the game to feel more realistic this year, leading to lower ratings overall and larger gaps between NFL superstars and average players. Just four players managed to earn a 99 overall rating, the game's highest possible player score. Seven players made the "99 Club" last year. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Here are the top-rated players:. Damon Harrison Sr.

madden 20 best playbooks reddit

Watt, Houston Texans defensive end β€” 96 Overall. Jalen Ramsey, Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback β€” 96 Overall. Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle β€” 96 Overall. Von Miller, Denver Broncos linebacker β€” 97 Overall. Antonio Brown, wide receiver β€” 97 Overall. Odell Beckham Jr. Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers linebacker β€” 98 Overall. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver β€” 98 Overall. Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks linebacker β€” 99 Overall. Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears linebacker β€” 99 Overall.